So, nine west has been surprising me lately. I've never really been interested in the brand, because their styles tend to be a little simple for me, but here are two pairs that I recently purchased and can't get enough of!

1. Nine West Neews in Silver and Black:
I purchased the all silver version of these and stumbled upon these half-and-half black and silver ones on 6pm.com. I literally got the last pair! My roomate calls them "mullet shoes" because they are business in the front and party in the back haha. Anyway, I would have to say these are the most comfortable shoes I've worn in years and by far my favorite shoes!


2. Nine West Marlia:
I also purchased these on 6pm.com. The site is great for generous discounts (Example: You can find Marc Jacobs shoes for under $200). These are a little bit hard on your feet, but look great so its worth it!

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Haven said...

Nice review..! These shoes are absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely shop at 6PM.